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Clear Quartz Gua Sha Board

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Natural quartz Gua sha tool


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Product Description

Gua sha is a Traditional Chinese Medicine practice that is popular in both homes and clinics.

Gua means ‘to scrape’ while sha translates to ‘bruises’. The scraping is the act of applying firm pressure in a rhythmic, sweeping motion down the muscles or along the energy meridians of the body.
The bruises refer to the reddening of the skin that appears on the skin after Gua sha therapy.
Facial Gua sha is done with a lighter hand than that of the body. A low level pink ‘flush’ will appear and then quickly disappear during treatment. This varies from person to person but this flush is deeply satisfying and shows that you’re successfully drawing circulation up into the skin under the epidermis.
Scraping the skin causes it to become stimulated thus stagnant lymph and toxins are cleared out of the system. Healthier skin cells can be created once these toxins are flushed. Gua Sha is not only a massage technique, but also a detoxification technique.


Clear Quartz Gua Sha Board Skin Benefits

  • Reduces puffiness and defines the natural contours of the face
  • Decongests lymph nodes and facilitates lymph drainage
  • Eliminates pore-clogging toxins
  • Boosts circulation
  • Improves product absorption
  • Relaxes areas of tension and improves sleep
  • Stimulates the dermis thus encouraging collagen and elastin production
  • Improve skin cells growth and renewal
  • Alleviates stress related symptoms such as clenched jaw, eye-strain and daytime fatigue
  • Irons out fine lines and lifts sagging skin

Clear Quartz Properties

Clear Quartz is known as the Master Healer and the supreme gift from Nature. Ancient cultures believed that the Clear Quartz crystal is a sentient being, taking a breath every hundreds of years. Clear Quartz is composed of Silicon Dioxide and is one of the most abundant minerals in the world.

  • Resonating Chakra: All Chakra’s (especially the Crown Chakra)
  • Removes energy blockages
  • Amplifies healing and the energy of other crystals
  • Aids manifestation
  • Aids clarity of thoughts
Please note:

Each Quartz Gua sha Board is individually carved by hand from natural stone thus may differ slightly in size from that pictured. Due to natural variations in the stone, your Gua sha board will be completely unique in color and pattern. We select your Gua sha board specially for you using a pendulum divination.

*Do not perform Gua sha over broken skin, broken veins, moles, cuts, bruises or rosacea.

Gua sha Ritual

All of our lymph drains into an area called “terminus” in the little dips right above the middle of each collarbone; we can think of this area as the “dump.” The direction of the lymphatic pathways on the face are from the center of the face, out toward the hairline, so we want to move all of the stagnant lymph out to the outer sides of the face and then sweep it all down the neck to the “dump” above the collarbone.

Apply a generous layer of oil to the face and decolletage.
Start on the right side of the face and work towards the left.
Repeat each area with 8-12 strokes using light pressure.

Keep the gua sha tool at a 15-degree angle to the skin—almost flat but not quite. This covers more surface and gives a gentle pull on the skin, which is necessary for the correct technique.

  1. Down the neck: Start at the outer corner of the jaw, near the earlobe. Sweep down to the dip above the middle of the right collarbone.
  2. Under the chin: Sweep from the middle of the soft under-chin (where a double chin would show up) out to the bottom of your earlobe.
  3. Chin: From the middle of the chin, under the lower lip, sweep out to the earlobe.
  4. Cheek: Sweep from the corner of the nose out to the middle ear.
  5. Under-eye: Be especially light and slow here. Sweep over under-eye area and out to the temple, all the way to the hairline.
  6. Under eyebrow: Avoid any pressure on the eye or eyelid itself and stay on the brow bone. Sweep from inner corner out to temple again.
  7. Third eye: Stroke from center of eyebrows up to hairline. This one is especially relaxing for the nervous system and great for insomnia.
  8. Lower forehead: Stroke from center of forehead above the eyebrow out to the temple.
  9. Big sweep. Start at the center of the upper forehead, and trace down the hairline, over the temple, then curve behind the ear, and down the side of the neck to terminus.
  10. Repeat the routine on the left side.

1 review for Clear Quartz Gua Sha Board

  1. Ciska (verified owner)

    This Gua Sha board is amazing, and I can already see a difference in my skin. It’s so relaxing and it makes my skin look smooth instantly. ✨

    • Ecologic

      Thank you so much for taking the time to write such beautiful feedback for all your Ecolgoic goodies!
      Stay Beautiful,

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