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Facial Cleansing Brush

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Rechargable Ionic Cleansing Brush

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Product Description

Ecologic’s Facial Cleansing Brush features two unique cleansing pads. There is soft bristles for cleansing and exfoliating while the firm bristles work perfectly for massaging. Each brush comes in a cute-as-a-cupcake gift box with a Universal USB charger. 

Washing your face by hand only eliminates surface dirt, debris and oil while the ionic cleansing action of the Facial Brush reaches and lifts even the most stubborn of impurities.


  • Total Cleansing Control

There’s 15 different vibration speeds to suit even the most sensitive of skins. These speeds can be adjusted according to product being used, skin type and to suit the different areas of the face.

The ergonomic leaf design of each brush eliminates dead zones of cleaning and reaches into the smallest corners of the face. It’s soft curved point can even be used safely on the eyes to quickly remove stubborn make-up.

  • Automatic power off

The brush will automatically switch off after 15 minutes to conserve battery life. Once fully charged, the battery will hold charge for up to three months before you need to charge again.

  • Long Life Span

These Facial Brushes have been designed so that you never need to replace any component of your brush such as brush heads or battery. With the correct care, your brush will be your bestie for years to come.

  • Antimicrobial surfaces

Ecologic’s Facial Cleansing Brush contains built-in anion powder. This negatively charged powder give the Facial Brush antimicrobial and hygienic properties. Thus the Facial Brush is suitable to use on blemish prone skin and sensitive skins. The natural antibacterial protection prevents bacteria from transferring on the skin. The silicone bristles prevent dirt and grime from adhering to the brush after use. Therefore the Facial Brush is quick, easy and effective to clean after use.

  • Travel Compatible

The lightweight, hygienic design allows you to take your Facial Brush wherever you go.  Each brush comes with a travel friendly USB charger to charge your brush on the aeroplane, laptop, TV or in the car.

  • 100% Waterproof

The Facial Brush is 100% waterproof so it can be completely immersed in water and used conveniently in the bath or shower.



  • Exfoliate

The pulsation of the bristles will gently remove dry, dead and dull skin cells from the surface of the skin to reveal a healthier, more vibrant and naturally glowing complexion. The 15 unique speeds can be adjusted for preference.

  • Massage

Massaging the skin has shown to assist in toning and lifting the skin for clearer, more refined contours. Just like any other muscles, your facial muscles need a work-out to stay firm yet supple. Massaging with your Facial Brush will also help relax tense muscles to prevent fine lines from setting in.

  • Increase Circulation

The Facial Brush stimulates oxygen-rich blood flow to the surface of the skin for a luminous shine. Good circulation helps the skin to eliminate toxin and improves the flow of natural nutrients available to the cells. 

  • Deep Pore Cleanse

The ionic vibrations of the silicone bristles lifts hard-to-reach debris and stubborn impurities from the pores thus your skin will look visibly more vibrant after a single use.

  • Removes 100% make-up

The Facial Brush melts away even the most stubborn and sticky of makeup products within seconds.

  • Boost Product Absorption

Clean and well-exfoliated skin allows your products to be absorbed more easy into the deeper layers of the skin. Using a Facial Brush will boost your products’ performance by keep your skin’s surface polished and receptive. Gently massaging moisturisers, serums and facial oils into the skin improves absorption which helps your products’ ability to work.

How To Use

Apply cleanser in a layer to the face. A natural one like Ecologic’s Facial Cleanser or a facial cleansing oil will preserve the life of your brush.
Switch brush on by the power button.
Gently polish your face in upward circular movements.
Turn the speed on slow when working on and around the eyes.
Remember to massage neck area too.  This is best done on high speed.
Rinse brush with warm water and towel dry.
After Cleansing, apply a layer of high performance serum or facial oil like Ecologic’s Xtra Skin Food.  Use the firm bristles on low power to smoothly glide your product into the skin’s surface.
Rinse with warm water and spray with Ecologic’s Tea Tree Travel Spritzi after use.
Allow to air-dry away from harsh sunlight.

Care Instructions

Do not expose to water over 40 Degrees Celsius.
Avoid harsh sunlight exposure to preserve the life of your brush.
Store in a safe place.
Spray with Tea Tree Travel Spritzi after each use.
Use Colloidal Silver wash once a week to keep clean.
Do not use over broken skin or wounds.
Use a toothbrush to gently clean stuck particles from between bristles.
Best kept in a small make-up pouch for storage and travel.
Do not use your brush with an exfoliating product.
ALWAYS ensure your charging port is closed before use.

Battery & Charge

The Lithium battery lasts 15-18 hours once fully charged (around three months!)
The Facial Brush charges within 30 minutes to full.

Plug your brush into the power source. The blue light underneath your brush will start to flash once the brush is charging.
Once the blue light stops flashing, the battery is fully charged.
ALWAYS ensure the charging port is closed before immersing in water.


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