About us

Ecologic is a simple, yet effective collection of high-performance skincare and ritualistic self-care products. Our formulas are botanically based, using scientifically proven actives and nature-inspired ingredients to influence the skin in a positive manner. All Ecologic products are meticulously crafted utilizing ingredients free from parabens, petrochemicals, SLS and SLES, artificial fragrances and synthetic dyes.

We passionately create functional products that encourage effortless autonomous beauty and enhance a lightness of being.

The creation of a new product can take years as it is not just a case of mixing oils. For me, it is a holistic journey of discovery, in order to create a symphony of aromas, and to paint a masterpiece of its effects on the mind, body and skin.”

– Founder, Annette du Toit.


Ecologic began as a small, home business founded by holistic health practitioner (and my mum!) Annette, way back in 1997. Back then natural vegan products were hard to come by. So Ecologic was birthed out of her own need for a basic, yet versatile and highly effective range of skincare products. For as long as I can remember I grew up watching and learning how to make natural magic potions for the skin and soul. I found skincare mixology to be my passion as it combines both creative flare with natural science. Today, I am completing my studies in Cosmetic Science and am still mentored by my motm. Skincare formulation is my creative outlet and I use these formulations to tell a story for the senses.

I am now the one woman ‘team’ behind Ecologic, while the core philosophy for Ecologic will always stay the same. Creating Ecologic products is as much a meditative ritual for me as it is a manufacturing process. I hope that you enjoy Ecologic’s journey as much as I love being a part of it so far. - Stay Beautiful, Mika


Ecologic is proudly produced in Cape Town, South Africa. Our products are partly assembled in a contract laboratory and partly still handmade using traditional methods from our humble beginning in 1997. To this day, all our products are still lovingly poured, packaged and labelled by hand.


Absolutely! Ecologic’s range is vegan-friendly and approved by the Vegan Society of South Africa and Beauty Without Cruelty. Our products are all cruelty-free so that our range can be safe, environment conscious and enjoyable.


We source all our raw material and packaging from local suppliers. Our products are carefully housed in packaging that is user-friendly and supports their formulae. All of our products, except Growth Stimulating Shampoo, is packaged in glass. Your order is shipped in recyclable boxes, cardboard and biodegradable paper shredding. Any bubble wrap sent with our orders is recycled from our suppliers. Ecologic’s blossoming business cards reflect our commitment to reduce our carbon footprint and our proudly South African roots. Plant a business card and watch it grow into indigenous African Daisies and Bokbaai Vygie flowers!


Ecologic believes in natural formulas that are supported by science and we are not shy of safe, synthetic ingredients. Although most of our ingredients are organic and nature-identical, we are not an exclusively all-natural range.