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Marine Friendly:

We have vowed to implement a ZERO MICROBEAD POLICY- which means you will never find a plastic microbead in any of our products- only natural, biodegradable exfoliators to buff and polish your skin.

Cleaner, Greener Manufacturing:

Each product is responsibly hand crafted, individually or in micro-batches. This ensures that each customer gets a product of perfection (and a little piece of our heart).  By making our products by hand we are also able to reduce our carbon footprint in manufacturing.

Paper Free Office:

Many of our ingredients are inspired by traditional remedies, but we definitely don’t live in the dark ages. We communicate with our beloved customers via our website and social media platforms rather than printing unnecessary marketing material.

The only paper we print is our blossoming business cards which reward your green thumb by sprouting into the indigenous African Daisy or Bokbaai Vygie!

How to plant your card:
* Take a photo of our details or follow Ecologic on social media to stay in touch.
* Wet your card slightly & crumple it up into a ball.
* Pop your card in the earth or a flower pot, give it plenty love, water & sunshine and watch your flowers grow!

Responsible packaging:

There is beauty in simplicity- an idea that we convey through our products and our packaging.  We use glass packaging when we can, and when we use plastic-it is 100% recyclable and reusable.

Join Our Mission For a Greener Planet and join Ecologic‘s Recycle Loyalty Programme!

* Collect any 5 empty Ecologic containers or bottles (plastic or glass)
* Return these to us (you can find us every Sunday at Lourensford Market)
* All the empty, used containers goes into our recycling bin.
* These get collected from our HQ and taken to the recycling depot to be given new life!

For every 5 empty jars you bring back, you get a fabulous FREE Ecologic gift!

We reuse the boxes and bubble wrap from our ingredient suppliers to package our large orders for delivery.  About 90% of our boxes and shipping material is recycled from what we receive.  The brown Ecologic shopping bags are 100% biodegradable too.

Animal (and Vegan) Friendly:

We are certainly not chicken when it comes to our skincare. We will never use animal derived ingredients or test on animals. Ever.  Ecologic’s two-lady team is powered by plants and the Ecologic HQ is a 100% cruelty-free zone! All our products have been approved by Beauty Without Cruelty and the Vegan Society of South Africa.

Free From Synthetic Fragrances & Artifical Dyes:

You may find the colour or consistency of our products varies slightly- that’s because we don’t use any synthetic fragrances or artificial dyes in our products. We blend our own unique fragrances using essential oils to create a symphony of aromas that compliment each product. Our essential oils are specially selected for their clinical value and carefully chosen to positively influence the limbic system. Nature yields different crops depending on climate conditions, and we prefer the true smell and sight of nature in all its ever-changing glory.

Free from parabens, petrochemicals and Sodium Lauryl & Cetyl Sulphates:

We have chosen not to include any parabens, petrochemicals or SLS in our range. We don’t believe in casting any ingredient in a bad light or fearmongering ingredients without scientific evidence. This said, we have chosen to not include any of these ingredients in any of our products. Ecologic lists all it’s ingredients on our products and website according to the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients. All our products are free from petrochemicals, paraben preservatives and Sodium Lauryl and Cetyl Sulphates.

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