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“If you empower one girl she has the potential to empower an entire community.”

The red robot. Aunty Flo. Shark Week. “THAT time of the month”. Whatever you call your period, one thing is for sure, periods suck. Being a woman is tough enough and dealing with menstrual cycles doesn’t make it any easier.

Having access to sanitary products (and a hot water bottle) makes it easier for us to breeze through this time without it disrupting our day to day life.

But what if we didn’t have access to even the most basic of sanitary wear? Imagine how this time of the month would be a recurring nightmare. Sadly, this is the case for many young women in Africa who don’t have access to sanitary products or menstrual health education.

This is where Dignity Dreams has founded their mission and why we’ve chosen to make them the benefactor of our Women’s Month campaign.

Dignity Dreams provides comfort and menstrual health education to young women and girls from disadvantaged and at risk communities.

They manufacture and distribute washable sanitary wear to young girls and women, ensuring that entering womanhood is a time of celebration rather than a time of shame and pain.

It is estimated that 62 million women and girls have little or no access to education. Education is further thwarted by little or no access to sanitary wear.

One Dignity Dreams pad over a 48 month period is equivalent to 144 pads! 

Every woman and girl will have a normal biological function and menstruate for approximately 5 days in every 28 day cycle. This does not stop if there has been a natural disaster or because you are too poor to have a period. It’s going to happen regardless of circumstance. Every woman will need approximately 260 sanitary towels per annum, if she changes the sanitary pad four times per day, which is recommended but rarely happens. Whilst disposable sanitary towels are functional, the Dignity Dreams Washable and Reusable and multi-use pads offer a more sustainable and long term solution to a monthly problem.

In at risk communities, sanitary pads, if available, are very low down on the list of necessities. These disadvantaged are forced to use paper, leaves, rags or anything else they can get their hands on, often leading to infection.

In many instances young girls commencing their period have no idea what is happening, have no one to turn to and because of myths and shame surrounding this most natural of bodily functions, are too afraid to ask for assistance.

Dignity Dreams has four goals:

  • Enabling Girls in school by providing washable, multi-use pads, you also give girls an opportunity to participate fully in school.
  • Empowering SMEs: Products are manufactured by sewers who are building their own business. Dignity Dreams skill, teach and provide a safe place to manufacture.
  • MHM Education: Teach about menstrual health to young girls, boys, parents, community leaders, influencers and teachers.
  • Sustainability: Dignity Dreams pads last approximately 48 months. For each Dignity Dreams washable pad, we replace 144 disposable pads. Pads are ecologically friendly and comply with 10 out of 17 of the Global Sustainable Goals.

The Dignity Dreams Brand not only provides a sustainable solution but includes education in the distribution process.


Ecologic Skin Care will donate a Single Washable Dignity Dreams Pad to a girl boss in need with every online purchase made during August. When women support other women, incredible things happen!

One single washable Dignity Dreams Pad is an equivalent of 144 disposable pads if used 3 times during your cycle over a 48 month period.

Want to show extra support for the ladies at Dignity Dreams?

0861 388832

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