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Muse: a person or personified force who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist.

One of the things I love most about my work with Ecologic is connecting with people that I may have never met (and sometimes never do meet) otherwise. Monday Muse introduces you to the people who I have been blessed to share my journey with.  These are people who’s work on this planet or outlook on life has inspired, influenced and uplifted both Ecologic Skin Care and myself.


The science and philosphy behind working with crystals is one that us at Ecologic fully embraces. Crystals have been used for centuries in beauty rituals (have you seen our crystal rollers and Gua sha boards yet?), sacred practices and for healing dis-ease within the body. More and more people today are embracing the power of crystals to influence our lives.

Recently, I learnt that a friend of Ecologic is a certified crystal healer and I just knew I had to reach out for a one-on-one interview with Siobhan. Rather than introduce her to you, I will let her passion for working with crystals and helping women empower themselves- speak for itself.

So babes, meet my first Monday Muse, Siobhan!


Tell us about your journey to becoming a crystal healer? How did this begin and what path did you follow to do this?

I’d like to say that it started when I was little as my late granddad had a mineral subscription that was all the rage then, but it didn’t. Although I did love those!
I am actually very young in my journey. It started when I was at a lower time in my life a few years back, when I was in a job that was making me unhappy. I had just gotten my license and after one day, I worked up the courage to go to the local crystal shop. That’s where I fell in love. They just kept calling me back and I needed to know MORE! Sara, the owner, still knows me as the girl who stalked the page and commented on ALL of her Facebook posts.

I attended a retreat hosted by that local crystal shop and that’s where I was introduced to crystal healing. Truth be told, I went to that retreat JUST because I saw it involved crystals, but I learnt so much about myself. I started working more with crystals from then.
I remember some time afterwards, I had a “vision” in meditation of myself working with what looked to me like labradorite on someone’s back. That was enough for me and I decided to start studying Crystal Healing.

I started with ViTerra Academy, which was the only school in South Africa that I could find to accommodate me at that time. Everyone I contacted couldn’t help me or didn’t offer the courses anymore. Thea, my lecturer, is still a part of my life today.
While I was busy with that course, Thea shared with my some free resources from The Love and Light School of Crystal Therapy and I always said that one day I would like to study there, but I never thought it would happen as they are based in America. I’m just a small town girl from Saldanha. Huge things don’t happen to me mos.
Little did I know I would be gifted a scholarship to study with The Love and Light School of Crystal Therapy just because I reached out to them one day to say thank you for the one newsletter I received which spoke to me and uplifted me.
Before graduating, I was in another unhappy and unsatisfying job. Sometimes we repeat patterns when we don’t learn. For me, it was not standing up for myself and rather sacrificing myself for someone else. I decided I wanted to take a chance and do this healing thing, to do something for myself and take a huge risk to see where this takes me.
I left my job, pursued this breadcrumb and that’s how I am where I am.

Today, crystals are more a part of me than I am of them. I feel privileged to offer crystal healing while I work at a crystal company and never thought I’d end up where I am.

Can you explain a little more about how the energy of crystals work to influence and benefit us?

This isn’t too much of a complicated thing but here is my simplest explanation of how crystals work in 3 major ways:
According to their structure: Crystals have a perfect, repeating atomic structure. This stability is what our energetic body craves. It wants to move into a more stable state especially since we are always in chaos and stress. When we introduce a crystal into our field, the body starts moving toward that stability. You won’t turn into a rock but subtly and if you’re open to it, small shifts will begin to happen and your awareness changes, especially about your Self.
According to the colour: You can see the structure of clear quartz with its points, but some crystals you cannot see their structure with the naked eye, like rose quartz. They have a macro-crystalline structure. These crystals work more according to their colour because colours also have properties.
According to the Collective Consciousness: and this is more of the “woo woo” one. Some crystals have been used for generations and the longest of times, like Apache Tear and all of that collective consciousness is stored “within” the crystal. That collective consciousness is what makes them powerful and why many people still gravitate toward using them today.

Yes, it can all come down to the placebo effect. For the longest time, I wondered if that mattered and I think it doesn’t. If something makes you feel good, even if you can’t explain it, what is wrong with that? It works for you so that’s perfect.

Also it is worthwhile to mention that crystals do not make miracles happen and they cannot be used as a substitute for medical advice and practices. They work on a very subtle, slower level; more so when we WORK with our crystals as well as use them with purpose. If you just leave a crystal lying around, nothing is going to happen, even though it may make you feel happy to look at it when you pass it by.
When we do the work, crystals work for and with us. We cannot sit back and wait for cool things to happen.


What are the different types of crystal healing services that you offer and what are their benefits?

I offer a small range of healing session for ladies. I want to help ladies that felt stuck like I have before and I want to help women give themselves love. We so often give love to everyone else, but never ourselves.

I offer the following sessions:

Chakra balancing sessions:

For a full chakra balancing session, I assess your 7 main chakras and whether they are over-active, under-active or in balance. Once assessed, I use intuitively chosen crystals to balance or energise your chakras.

Mini Chakra Healing:

This is a short and sweet healing session. I cast crystals onto a board to see which chakras or areas of the body need attention right now and that is the focus of the session.
Often times clients would like healing for certain issues, like starting a new chapter, getting more grounded, feeling energised, etc. This is perfect for that. It can be customised to focus on whatever you want.
If you don’t know what you want, we can just trust intuition and see what comes up during the session. In this case, I rely on my intuition for the whole session and I always trust my intuition when placing crystals.

Emotional Balancing:

If you are a feeling a little out of whack and like everything is just too much right now, we can look at getting you more in balance with an Emotional Balancing session. This involves an invigorating Carnelian “bath” with carnelian crystals to balance negative emotions.

Past Self in THIS lifetime healing:

We have all gone through times that we are not proud of, where we didn’t exactly like who we were in our past. Let me help share more love and acceptance with yourself by merging that past self with your current self in a loving bubble with Rose Quartz crystals.

Crystal Facials:

This is another favourite that helps to clear some head stress because we are always thinking! It provides relief and also gives the skin a nice boost in my opinion.

Animal healing:

This is something new I’ve been working on recently because I’ve been feeling a pull towards helping animals at this stage of my journey. I feel like the Earth needs a lot of love and healing. The fastest way to do that is to hold space for our animals. It also helps that I’m an animal nut and one of those people who greet friends’ pets before my friends.

Self Healing Crystal Layouts:

This is something I offer someone who has their own crystals and would like to do healing on their own. Together we look at what you want to achieve, how that can be achieved with your crystals and we work out a healing layout for you to use in your own time.


Tell us a bit more about your crystal facials. What do these entail and what results can one expect?

Oh the facials are my favourite to do! It’s relaxing for the client but I also find it incredibly relaxing for myself as well for some reason.

A crystal facial entails using crystals to boost the skin and to clear mental energy as so much of our time is dedicated to thinking.
All crystals are chosen intuitively during a session but these are some of the crystals I like to use on the face:

Yellow crystals like citrine to energise the skin.
Rose Quartz to soothe the skin, to extend love to the skin and pay it some extra attention. Oftentimes we slap on our skincare range and boom! That’s it. Rose Quartz allows that extra love and attention for the face and the brain.
I use Selenite to boost the crown chakra as well as for gentle healing. Although it’s quite high vibrational, I find it to be a gentle healer.
I also use my jade roller which is not technically real jade but it still benefits the skin as I believe jade does. The roller also helps to increase circulation and encourages lymph drainage.
I am also known to use Sodalite to balance the throat chakra.

What you can expect from a facial differs from person to person but you can generally expect to feel lighter, more relaxed and like your skin has a nice glow.

What is your recommended crystal care? How does one charge and cleanse their crystal collection properly?

There are so many ways to cleanse your crystals. I’m one of those that clears all my crystals, even the “self-cleansers” like citrine, carnelian and selenite. I feel like even a motivator needs motivation.
I feel clearing crystals is beneficial because it means your crystal can vibrate at its optimal level again.

Clearing is a matter of personal preference so the method should suit you as opposed to which is better/stronger.
Also, it’s not fair to say that you don’t NEED to clear your crystals. I know many people who don’t and they feel their crystals work perfectly so it’s up to you.

The most important thing for me is to hold the intention to clear my crystals of energetic build-up that’s not for the highest good of ALL beings.
I love to use my singing bowl to clear my crystals and play my bowl for about 10 minutes. The crystals probably clear themselves quicker than that but it’s really good for myself too so they don’t mind 😉
I also like to say a prayer before and after clearing, holding the above intention that I mentioned above.

Other ways to clear crystals:

  • Soil
  • Brown rice
  • Piano
  • Water (although this is one I don’t recommend because some crystals should always remain dry like Selenite and Celestite)
  • The Sun (don’t leave them too long in the sun as it can cause them to fade)
  • The Moon which is a very popular method
  • Smudging with sage smudge sticks, Palo Santo sticks or incense
  • Breath


How do I go about picking the right crystals for me if I’ve never worked with crystals?

It’s super easy to get overwhelmed if you’ve never worked with crystals before. There are SO many out there and they each are good for SO many things.

I always recommend going into a crystal shop without any expectation. Go into the shop and see where you are drawn. Listen to yourself. You’ve got this!
Take a look at what crystal keeps catching your eye and you keep finding yourself going back to it.
If it’s a bowl of tumbled crystals that has attracted you, put your hands IN that bowl to see if there is one that feels different, makes you feel different or you just get an inner knowing about.

Oftentimes, we go in with a list of crystals that we think we need but if you just let yourself get out of your own way, be guided to what attracts you then you’ll find yourself being drawn to one you really need right now.
When I say this, I mean that it may be pointing to an area you’re forgetting or need some clarity on.

If you shop online, do the same thing, view the products that are available and see which keep catching your eye and calling you.

Siobhan’s crystal prescriptions for healthy skin.

What are the different ways that I can start working with crystal energy at home and in my daily rituals?

The easiest way to start working with crystals is to wear them.
That way you have that energy with you all the time and many people prefer wearing their crystals. It’s something new they’re exploring and they feel close to their crystal.

You can also work with them in the following ways:
Meditate with them. You can hold your crystal or you can place it on your body, anywhere you want or feel guided to.
Sleep with them.
Keep them in your environment, next to your bed, in your favourite spot, on your alter.

The MOST important thing is not how we work with the crystals but WHY we are working with them. Ask yourself what you’re trying to achieve with this crystal.

Many make the mistake of buying crystals and then leave them around. This is totally fine if all you wanted was to have it for decorative purposes but if you wanted shifts to happen, you HAVE TO get involved. Nothing happens without intention or work. Once you’ve figured out what you want to achieve with that crystal, you can then figure out what is the best way to work with them for you.


I know it must be very hard to decide, but do you have a favorite crystal of all time? If so, why?

This is a hard one. I feel bad when I have to do this because my answer should be ALL of them- but I DO have some soft spots.

I think my favourite crystal is the labradorite palm stone I have beccause I will always feel that he represents what I saw in my meditation before I started studying.

A dear friend gave me an agate egg which is very special to me because it reminds me of her.

Another favourite is golden tiger eye because it’s good for anything. I always find myself recommending it to everyone. In a sense, I’ve become my grandmother because she’s always loved it and I have so many pieces from her. She also always believed that if you had tiger eye, you’d never be poor. I think she may have meant in riches, but it’s a really good one for all sorts of riches in life.

Currently I’m a big fan of an Angel Aura Crystal and I think it’s because how she makes me feel. I feel so guided and connected when she’s in my space. The times I’ve worked with her, I always receive such awesome Divine Clarity.


Ready to start glowing from the inside out?

Contact Siobhan to book a crystal healing session for yourself, a loved one or your fur baby. If you sign up

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    Wow! You guys went straight for my heart with this one. Thank you Mika for the introduction & thank you Siobhan for sharing your story.

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