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Crystals and Complexions | Ecologic Skincare
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Have you ever tried treating your skincare issues with the power of crystals? If you use crystals to protect you from evil spirits, fix your love life or bring you good fortune- why not give it a go to sort out those pesky, lingering skin concerns?

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain- maybe even just a little more ‘Chi’.

The use of crystals is one as old as the earth they come from. The Ancient Egyptians are believed to have crushed Malachite and Labradorite as these stones were believed to hold healing abilities.

Mythology tells the story of The Goddess Isis who would collect tumbled stones of rose quartz from the Nile river. She would use these for facial massage to retain her renowned beauty.

BASICALLY, crystals work by increasing positive, healing energy and drawing out negative energy from the body. Based on the idea that any physical manifestation of an ailment starts with disharmony in energy, the idea of using crystals to get your body back in the flow may just produce positive results for your skin too. If anything, you’ll get a boost of good vibes.

Before you whip out the crazy card and think we’ve gone all hocus-pocus on you, hear me out here first. This New Age method of treating skin concerns has not been backed up by scientific evidence (yet?) but many people have reported seeing positive changes when incorporating specific crystals into their beauty rituals. Placebo effect? Perhaps, but when a  more radiant, glowing complexion is on the cards- who cares? I’ll take TWO!

Each crystal has a unique vibration which influences the unique vibrations or patterns or vibes (whatever you want to call it) within your own body. These are only some crystals which posses energetic vibrations that may help you in achieving a more beautiful complexion or banish lingering break-outs for once and for all. Select a crystal that feels right for you- you gonna have to trust your gut here and just go with the flow.

Here is Ecologic’s ‘crystal prescriptions’ that may just make you as glowy as, well, a crystal!


This pacific blue stone resonates with the ocean and was believed to be the treasure of mermaids. It has a calming and gentle energy that has the reputation for being the stone of youthfulness. Aquamarine’s energy is perfectly suited to reduce wrinkles, encourage a beautiful glow and brighten the complexion.

Azurite and Malachite:

These two precious stones often come in a combination of the two in one formation. Azurite is bright to royal blue while Malachite is bright to dark green. Both of these colourful crystals are believed to possess medicinal healing properties. Use this stone to address pain and promote the healing process of the skin. Azurite and Malachite are highly conductive crystals which are believed to ‘absorb’ ailments from the body. These are also stones of protection that cast a protective shield to block harmful energies wanting to wreck havoc on your skin.

Rose Quartz:

Rose Quartz’s pretty pink surfaces radiate gentle, soothing energy. This crystal brings positive energy to the body, inspires beauty and encourages love- both for others and yourself. Rose Quartz may be helpful if your confidence is taking a bash from your skin’s appearance. Rose Quartz is used to influence a softer, more radiant complexion and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.


This pretty crystal appears watery or glass like to the eye and usually looks like fine tabular sheets stacked together. Selenite is a crystal with a very high vibration which makes it a fantastic purifying stone. Selenite draws negative energy away from the body, kind of like a spiritual detox. It’s the recommended stone to use to address specific skin concerns such as acne, eczema, psoriasis or really dry skin. Selenite aids in clearing the energetic body of blockages which may be manifesting as a skin issue. This stone of purity should avoid water as this causes Selenite to crumble.


Black Onyx is a soothing, cooling stone. This crystal helps to rebuild confidence and self-esteem. Black onyx is believed to soften the skin and support skin rejuvenation. Use this stone  to help fight infection and calm inflammation or sunburn. Black onyx also exudes a shield of protection that may protect you from harmful energies- like free radicals that lead to premature ageing!


The Moonstone, like the name suggests, carries lunar energy. This stone is particularly helpful to women and for addressing hormonal imbalances and difficult hormone transitions. Moonstone has a white-silver shine, making it look a little like the moon too. It’s the recommended crystal for ladies who are still struggling with breakouts during their cycle and hormone-related skin issues. It may also help you find a little more chill pre-cycle.

Here are some ways you can incorporate crystals into your daily beauty ritual:

♥ Wear your chosen crystal in jewelry- This is a good way to continuously absorb the healing vibes of your chosen gem.

♥ Place your selected crystal under your pillow at night- this is one of my favorite ways to include crystals into your beauty regime as your body renews itself at night while you sleep. This gives a whole new perspective on the term ‘beauty sleep’.

♥ Crystal infused water: Create a crystal-infused water to use as a toner, to drink or to wash your face and hair.

It is important to disinfect your chosen stone first- especially if it was given to you on the side of the road by a mysterious looking man. Place your chosen stone in the container you wish to use and fill with purified water. If you will be using your crystal-water at a later stage, be mindful to store it in the fridge and use within two weeks.

♥ Infused into oil: Disinfect and wash your stone. Place directly into your favorite facial oil or create your own blend of oils to be infused. Ecologic’s Xtra Skin Food comes in a 30ml bottle which easily fits a small precious gem. Ensure the crystal is dry before adding to your oil to avoid rancidity.

♥ Add a crystal (or crystals) into your bath along with your favorite bath oil, some candles and some incense. (Read our How to create a Bath Ritual). Love Potion is a good choice to use with Rose Quartz. All together now…Ohmmmm!

♥ Add your chosen gem to a bowl of Harvest Moon Facial Tea and steam your face with good vibes.

♥ Treat yourself to  a crystal facial. If you up for more reading, here’s a fabulous link on how to do this at home:

Remember to cleanse your crystal after each use with sea water and charge it in the full moon light or in sunlight till sunset. Store your crystals in a safe place and away from prying hands.

Most importantly, have fun! Use this guide to encourage a child-like curiousity and sense of adventure when it comes to your beauty.

This post is intended for those looking to incorporate a more holistic approach in their overall well-being. Ecologic does not advocate the use of crystals professionally to treat the skin as there is no science to prove that crystals directly impact the functions and conditions of the skin.

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