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The act of bathing and washing was a form of entertainment, spiritual practice and used for simple hygiene and personal cleanliness in ancient cultures all across the world.

“If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water”– Loren Eiseley, The Immense Journey, 1957

  • The human body is 70% water.
  • The human brain? 80%
  • And about 90% of human blood is made up of water.

No wonder water and spiritual beliefs have always had a deep metaphysical connection. The primitive molecular structure of H2O has been respected for its healing and cleansing properties since the dawn of man. Thus water been used in rituals, rites and traditions in cultures all over the world and has an archetypal connection to purification and cleansing. Water is also symbolic of the soul, consciousness and as the ‘universal physiological regulator’. It is known as the element that brings balance and harmony to both the mind and body ‘due to our own inherent body composition.’

You can aslo read Ecologic Skin Care’s peek into ancient bathhouses and rituals.

And here are our 10 top tips for creating your own ancient bath ritual right in the comfort of your own bathroom.
This is an ideal practice for setting your New Year’s Resolutions for the new year too!

1. Be Water Wise

Water is a precious resource, and naturally, should be treated as such. Be mindful of your water consumption during your home bathing spa.

2. Timing is Everything

Pick a time when you are unlikely to be disturbed and when you have some ‘free’ time available. The idea of free-time is an elusive one to most of us, but making the time for you, will do far, far more good than harm. You may chose to do your bath ritual when you are feeling the desire to unwind and escape from daily stress or you may choose to have your bath when you are already in a peaceful mindset to enhance this feeling or when you want to work with positive affirmations.

3. Set your Goals

Are you still replaying that hurtful comment from a friend or boss in your mind a week after it has happened? Did you have a busy holiday season that was more stressful than relaxing? Or maybe you are exploring deeper and want to let go of a specific inner blockage, holding you back from living your fullest life? Whatever you want to rinse, wash away or let go of- literally- take a moment to set your intention for you bath.

4. Turn on the Heat

Turn on your taps and close the door and windows to trap in the steam and heat from the hot water. You may want to place a rolled up towel under the bathroom door to seal in the heat even more.

5. Supercharge Your Water

You may choose to use a creamy, aromatherapy vegan Milk Bath Shot or a few drops of Love Potion to shoosh up your bath. You can also add a handful of Harvest Moon Facial Tea into an old stocking foot and tie it to the hot water tap to infuse your bath with a purifying herb and flower tea.

6. Get to the Greek

The Greeks enjoyed using fresh Eucalyptus bunches in their spa’s to aid congestion, stimulate lymphatic flow and energise the body. Try tying a bunch of fresh Eucalyptus to your bathroom window frame or hot water tap.

7. Oil, Oil Baby

Oil your body with a fragrance-free nourishing oil like Ecologic Skin Care’s Xtra Skin Food. You can use this oil from top to toe and dry hair especially will benefit from a bonus hair oiling in your bath ritual. Spend a few moments clearing your mind and breathing deeply before stepping into your awaiting bathtub.

8. Sit and Soak

Spend a few minutes just soaking in the hot water. Use all your senses to truly enjoy and be present in your bathtub. Next, methodically wash your body from top to toe using an all over wash like Bliss Body Conditioner. Visualize the water rinsing away stuck energy from your body and into the water.

9. Bye Bye Stress

After washing, pull the bath plug and take a brief moment to watch the bathwater run down the drain, visualising the energy you washed off, running down the drain in the stream of the water. You can also use the color violet to visualise this energy transforming into positive energy before rinsing down the drain. Apply a suitable Mood Gels after your ritual. You may choose Clarity Mood Gel if you are going out after your bath or Dreams if you are going to bed. Chi will aid the balancing of the mind after your bath, Peace will enhance a lightness of being and Joy is the perfect pocket aromatherapy blend for when working with positive affirmations.

10. When in Rome…

The Romans ended their bath rituals with a cold room, most likely to tighten the pores and firm the skin. After your bath, step into a cold shower for a moment- your skin will thank you for it!

Remember to rehydrate and drink a glass of cool water after your bath. You can get creative with your bathing rituals by experimenting with including colour, crystals and music into your ritual to assist with your intention.

Happy Bathing!

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    The master clean crew is behind you all all you way and super proud to be associated with the ecologic team of experts.
    It’s great to see a company with such integrity and commitment.

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